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Management Philosophy

1. Social Mission

To solve various social issues through the power of long term investments and to realize a sustainable and vibrant society.

2. Investment Philosophy

  1. Based on the belief that the investment returns are the result of resolving issues through investments, the Company makes investments which bring benefits to all stakeholders, based on building relationship and trust with stakeholders including investees and investors.
  2. Based on the belief that the future is always a result of current decision making, the Company makes investments which generate value from a long-term perspective.

3. Code of Conduct

  1. We will make investment decisions according to a high sense of public morality and social ethics in light of its social mission and investment philosophy.
  2. We will not fear changes either as an organization and as individuals, have broad vision, show creativity, and boldly challenge to innovate society.
  3. We will conduct investment activities aiming at the maximization of long-term investment value pursuant to consistency in investment discipline and based on considered risk-taking.
  4. We will build a corporate culture and organizational structure that attracts excellent people, acknowledging that the source of investment capability is our people.
  5. Officers and employees shall adhere to high standards of integrity at all times, always take interest in various areas of society, and endeavor to be professionals who can compete globally by creating or discovering attractive investment opportunities.
  6. We will respect each other, exchange opinions freely and create corporate value, mindful that team diversity is the foundation for the maximization of investment returns, and that investments are the result of teamwork.