Basic Policy on ESG

To fulfill our social responsibilities as a member of the Japan Post Group, we aim to realize the sustainable development of the company and of society through our investment activities by promoting initiatives that take environmental, social, governance (ESG) factors into due consideration. We aim to embody our management philosophy through the promotion of ESG within our investment activities, guided by the basic policies set forth below.

1.Acting as a Responsible Investor

As a Responsible Investor we will promote the sustainable growth of our investee companies through responsible ESG investment practices.

2.Together with the environment

We will work to preserve nature and the environment for future generations by tackling environmental challenges through our investment activities.

3.Together with society

Mindful of our social responsibilities as a member of the Japan Post Group, our investment activities aim for long term value creation with due consideration for ESG factors, seeking to solve social issues and realize the creation of a sustainable and vibrant society.

4.Together with the local community

Through our investment activities focused on regional development, we will contribute to the development of regional communities and economies.

5.Together with people

We will actively engage in stakeholder communication to promote our understanding of social issues and challenges, and strive to strengthen trust and meet the expectations of our stakeholders.


We are committed to working with our investee companies to evolve our corporate governance structure, to simultaneously realize our twin goals of increasing corporate value and solving social issues.

Japan Post Investment is a signatory institution of PRI.

Our ESG Framework